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Last friday, July 8th, journalists Diego D'Pablos and Carlos Melo received a threat through a text message on the cellphone of one of them. On the message, ELN is identificated as the author of the threat and the journalists are declared military targets. Diego D'Pablos and Carlos melo were kidnapped by the ELN between May 23rd and May 27th in the Catatumbo region. The threatening message is presented as a retaliation against the journalists for having denounced this event to the authorities. 

The Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) condemns attacks suffered by journalists Shelly Camacho and Andrés López from José Jaime Parejo, health secretary of Córdoba. The Fundation wants to highlights that it is a serious violation against press freedom, especially because occured a physical assault on a female journalist.

As part of its 158th session, The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) appointed the Colombian State to treat in a public hearing the murder of journalist Silvia Duzán in february 1990.

The Fundation for Press Freedom (FLiP) learned that after receiving the convocation, Colombian State officials expressed their disagreement as far as the organization of that hearing. The comparison scheduled for the next day, June 9th has been canceled and removed from IACHR's official program.

FLIP condemns assault and theft of Alejandro Buitrago, journalist for Canal Capital by Giovanny Sierra, officer of the Direction of Transport and Transit of the National Police.

On Monday, June 6th, Alejandro Buitrago was realizing a news report of the return plan on the road between the cities of La Mesa and Mosquera. The reporter was located behind the information center installed by the National Police to cover the traffic situation.

On Thursday, June 2, the High Court of Ibagué acquitted the journalist Jason Sang who was sentenced in first instance in december 22, 2015 for an aggravated insult offense. Sang had been charged in 2010 for a series of notes published in the newspaper El Nuevo Día of that city. In these notes, Sang alerted about inconsistencies and doubts that arose upon the foundation Mundo Verde in his contracting role for the purchase of school kits for the public colleges of Ibagué.

The Foundation for Press Freedom (FLiP) condemns the physical and verbal attacks on journalists during the demonstrations of the agrarian strikes in different regions of the country.

On Tuesday, May 31 Oswaldo Pérez, photo editor of the newspaper El País, travels to La Agustina in the Cauca region to cover the indigenous minga's (farming cooperative) demonstrations. Once on site, some of the protestors forbade him to take photos and sprayed him with gasoline. Furthermore, the car he used to move around has suffered stone throwing.

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