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The Foundation for Press Freedom - FLIP - condemns the robbery underwent by the independent journalist Bladimir Sánchez.

On Friday 15th of April 2016, unknown persons entered the flat of the journalist Bladimir Sánchez and stole a computer, a video camera, a USB flash drive and a hardware. When the journalist went home at night, he found the locks of his door violated and the absence of his equipments.

The Foundation for Press Freedom - FLIP - condemns the continuous comments and accusations made by the senator of the Centro Democrático against the columnist of Semana.

In the last edition of the magazine Semana, the journalist Daniel Coronell published his habitual column with the title "The criminalization of the one who investigates". The text was referring to the stigmatization made by Álvaro Uribe Vélez against the journalist Yohir Akerman. In his column Coronell also pointed other facts that could relate Uribe and his family with drug-traffickers.

The Colombian Association of Editors of Newspapers and News Medias - Andiarios - and Foundation for Press Freedom - FLIP - condemn the intimidations underwent by Germán Corcho, journalist at El Heraldo de Barranquilla, on the part of Galdino Orozco, ex-mayor of Palmar de Varela in the department of Atlántico. Those pressures tend to generate previous censorship against the journalist and are therefore unacceptable with the protection of the freedom of expression and information.

Thursday, 07 April 2016 17:41

IACHR hearing on Jineth Bedoya case

Within the context of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights’ (IACHR) 157th session, the Foundation for Press Freedom (Fundación para la libertad de prensa, FLIP) will accompany journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima at a hearing regarding her case on 5 April 2016. FLIP will call upon the IACHR to urge the Colombian government to guarantee, within the framework of judicial processes taking place in the country, that justice is served and that those responsible for the crimes against the journalist are punished. 

In the morning of this Tuesday, la FLIP knew about a release signed by several journalists of Casanare who stated to have known a “systematic plan” aiming at impeaching that the journalists register juridical facts concerning the situation around the mayor of Yopal, Jhon Jairo Torres, known as “Jhon Calzones”

As it is well-known, the last 18 of February the journalist Vicky Davila left the management of La Fm by RCN after having published a private video of thirds apparently connected to a case of corruption in the police. On this subject, the foundation for free press (FLIP) - which wanted to wait for things to be settled to do a further analyze of the situation-expresses the following points:

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