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On the body of journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima are the marks of a war that, much like her, many victims in the country have endured. Her story is set deep in her eyes and her words represent the dignity of a survivor who fights for truth and justice, for herself and for many other women. 

A prosecutor of the Analysis and Contexts Division of the Attorney General’s Office accuses four ex-officials of the former Administrative Department of Security (DAS) of psychological torture against the journalist Claudia Julieta Duque.

Emiro Rojas Granados, former Deputy director of the DAS, has been included in the trial for its supposed involvement in the hoax fomented to divert the investigations on the assassination of Jaime Garzón. When Duque linked Rojas to the homicide of the journalist, the former official sued her for defamation and slander.

Today 11th of May 2016, the journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima refunded the Colombian State with the amount of money she had received as administrative indemnisation.

This is an autonom decision of the journalist motivated by the enormous contradictions among authorities in the handling of her case. On the one hand there is a public recognition of her struggle for justice, but on the other hand the State does not consider having any responsibility.

The Foundation for Free press - FLIP - would like to communicate its concern about the series of events that are occurring within the protection scheme of the journalist Javier Osuna, that could increase risks against him.

All along 2016, Javier Osuna has underwent several agressions against his office: among them the theft of a USB flash drive and the cellphone assigned by the National Unity of Protection, as well as the breakdown of his door.

The Foundation for Press Freedom - FLIP - expresses its concerns about the disappearance of Alejandra Sánchez, journalist in Cali and student at Del Rosario University in Bogotá.

On Tuesday 26th of April, Alejandra Sánchez had planned to meet a public official of the Secretariat of Culture of Cali municipality in order to interview him. The appointment was part of an investigation that the journalist was carrying out in the city. 

On April 11th, a group of journalists extended a letter to the executives of the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP), requesting a pronouncement on a Twitter discussion between two persons.

Thereon, it is important to highlight that the FLIP does not intervene in this type of cases: since it is a wrathful discussion, it does not have vocation in censorship. The aforesaid discussion on Twitter did not affect the expression and broadcasting of informations and opinions of any types.

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