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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 14:21

Without a clue of the responsible of the crime, the case of the journalist Gabriel Cruz Díaz prescribes today

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The Free Press Foundation (FLIP) rejects the prescription of the case of the journalist Gabriel Cruz Díaz, journalist, researcher and history lover.

Cruz Díaz was member of the History Academy of Montería and correspondent of El Heraldo and El Espectador. He was murder by unknown men with a cold steel weapon on November 11 of 1995 in Chinú, Córdoba.  By the time of his dead he was writing a book about the military activities against the leftists of the region.

The case prescribes without knowing the causes or the authors of the crime.  In June of 1996 the prosecution in charge of the case ordered the suspension of the investigation and today the case is filed.

It is worrying that the State is absent from its international duty of research and punish those responsible of crimes against journalists. Even thou the State had 20 years to have results, these where none. The FLIP reminds that the lack of justice in these cases affect the right that the society has to be informed and the atmosphere of impunity  allows the aggressors be free for committing aggressions against journalists and media.

The FLIP calls for the prosecution to intensify the efforts in the identification and punishment of the people responsible of the following cases that are close to prescription:

Ernesto Acero Cadena, December 12, 2015
Alfredo Antonio Matiz Espinosa, January 5,  2016